The dermatological laser centre of Mulhouse is a technical clinic gathering dermatologists and angieologists, who are experts in laser technologies. They are currently working with specialized nurses graduated in laser security and techniques (Lille University France).

It is a medical clinic with no commercial purpose, according to the French public health code as well as to the deontological medical code following the directives of the French Ordre National des Médecins.

Information produced in this website has no advertising purpose. The goal is to inform colleagues and patients about laser techniques and pricing. There is no commercial sponsoring for this website and for the dermatological clinic. The professional independence of each practitioner is preserved.

The treatment procedures are validated by the group of doctors so that each patient can obtain the same rigor and reproducibility in the treatment whoever is treating him or her.

Doctors and specialized nurses are protected by their civil liability insurance: La Médicale de France which validated the structure.

VAT and esthetic procedures

Since October 1st 2012, the Direction de la legislation fiscale, by an official statement, decided to add a 20% VAT to all esthetic procedures. We remind our patients that usually in France, there is no VAT added to medical procedures.

So, all esthetic treatments bare an additional 20% VAT.  

Find us

Centre Laser Dermatologique de Mulhouse

1 rue du Couvent 68100 Mulhouse

Phone :  +33 (0)3 89 45 37 05

Access from the Parking Central and Parking des Maréchaux

TRAM Station: Mairie

Dermatological Laser Centre Mulhouse

  • hair removal laser
  • facial rejuvenation:
    • remodeling and wrinkle resurfacing
    • line filler
    • botulic toxin
    • pigmented lesions treatment
  • vascular laser department
    • erythrosis and erythema treatment
    • angioma treatment
    • leg varicosity treatment
  • tattoo removal laser
  • pdt photodynamic therapy