Angioma and Erythrosis - Details

Pulsed Dye Laser Vbeam by Candela.

Pulsed Dye Laser PERFECTA by Candela.

These Lasers are 2nd and 3rd generation vascular lasers.

Nd YQG Long Pulse Laser by Candela.

The red blood cell oxyhemoglobin and/or the blood capillary endothelial septum are targeted.

Lasers perform selective photothermolysis, and in doing so enable a great degree of accuracy.

During the laser procedure, a cone of light is emitted very quickly and intensely between 0.15 and 40 ms.

Light is absorbed by the red blood cell oxyhemoglobin of and/or the capilar septum, and is transformed into heat.

This heat remains confined within and around the blood capillary, without being dispersed, and in doing so acts to protect the surrounding tissues.

This leads to vascular rupture and the emergence of a purpura (blue mark), which disappears within a few days.


The machines

Pulsed Dye Laser Vbeam by Candela

  • Wavelength: 595 nm
  • Pulse duration: 450µs, 1.5ms, 3ms, 6 ms, 10 ms,40ms
  • Shot frequency: 2 Hz
  • Slider: 7 and 10mm
  • DCD Cooling System

Laser PERFECTA by Candela

  • Wavelength: 595 nm
  • Pulse duration by Automated Controlled System of Laser Energy Repartition: 450µs et 40ms
  • Shot frequency: 2 Hz
  • Slider: 2,5 à 12mm
  • DCD Cooling System

Nd YAG Long Pulse by Candela

  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Pulse duration: 10 à 20ms
  • Shot frequency: 2 Hz
  • Slider: 1,5 à 3mm
  • DCD Cooling System


  • Children and adult angioma (Red Wine Marks)
  • Evolutive hemangioma
  • Erythrosis
  • Stellar naevus
  • All types of Telangiectasia
  • Xanthelasma

Contra Indications

There are very few contra-indication apart from those relating to general anesthesia when required and arterio-veinous angiomae.

Anticoagulant treatment is not a contra-indication.

Side effects

There are very few. According to the pathology dealt with, side effects may involve transitory hyper- and hypopigmentation, scarring, a feeling of persisting heat and the appearance of related herpes.