Lasers, Acnea, and Seborrhea

Acnea is a skin disease. It concerns more than a third of teenagers more or less strongly.

Because of possible inflammatory occurrences and scars, acnea may engender severe repercussions on self image and in that respect may damage the teenager’s quality of life.

Fortunately, dermatologists know several efficient treatments that will heal acnea in most of the cases.

However, in certain cases, acnea may resist these treatments or constantly come back.

Sometimes, the contra indications to medical treatments leave the patient ressourceless.

Laser becomes then an interesting alternative for the treatment of inflammatory acneas.

We use the SMOOTHBEAM® laser made by Candela, which is a laser that emits within infrared radiations.

How the treatment works

The infrared laser directly acts upon the sebaceous glands wich play a role within the formation of acnea lesions.

This mecanism implies that this laser is also being used in the treatment of important seborrhea (oily skins).

The treatment requires several sessions (4 to 5 on average) with a 3 to 4 weeks period inbetween.

Which benefits?

From the first session, such lasers are efficient on inflammatory lesions in tightening skin pores and in making less visible superficial scars thanks to the collagen stimulation implied. However, in cases of deeper scars, resurfacing CO2 laser or fractionnal ablative C02 laser will be required.


The laser session

Make up must be removed before the session.

The treatment lasts about 15 minutes for the entire face. Pain is bearable and feels like tickles.

Contact anesthesia thanks to anesthesia cream is recommended for better comfort.

After the laser session

The skin remains red and lightly swollen during a few hours, sometimes a day or two.

Adapted make up easily masks those unpleasant effects.

Sun exposure must be avoided in the days following the treatment.

Safety advice and contra indications

Pregnancy is a contra indication for any treatment lasers.

Laser treatment cannot be performed on tanned skins and during summer time.