Other dermatological treatments with cosmetic aims

This is about the treatment of deep wrinkles, for which resurfacing laser or other treatments are no longer efficient. Therefore, deep wrinkles may be treated with ‘fillers techniques’ or with botulix toxin injections techniques.

The ’filler technique' consists in ‘filling up’ some wrinkles with an amorphous biodegradable substance (hyaluronic acid) that the human organism tolerates and resorbs after about one year.

Botulic toxin (botox) injections are indicated for the ‘facial expression’ wrinkles. Botox does not cause sequela, which is due to the total reversibility of the product effects. Hence the time-limited efficacity of the product which goes up to 5-6 months.

Permanent Wrinkles: the ‘Filler Technique’

  • The ‘filler technique’ is indicated to ‘fill up’ the wrinkles mainly down the face, located in the peri oral, cheeks and lips area.
  • We use substances containing hyaluronic acid bases with various concentration levels according to the wrinkles’ depth and localisation.
  • These substances are taken from the genetic genius and are biodegradable. They are well tolerated. The effect lasts about a year.

Facial Expression Wrinkles : the use of the Botulic Toxin or ‘botox’

  • The use of the botulic toxin concerns facial expression wrinkles, principally up the face: forehead, the area between the eyebrows and the peri orbital area. Other zones may benefit from this technique: upper lip, neck and décolleté.
  • Despite its negative connotation, the “toxin” does not imply any toxic effects. It is a safe product which does not engender any sequela, due to its entire reversibility, which limits ifs efficacity to 5-6 months.

Association of both techiniques : botulin toxic and the ‘fillers technique’

  • When facial expression wrinkles connected with underlying muscular tonus and permanent wrinkles due to dermis fracture coexist, it is possible to use both techniques.
  • The botulic toxin will reduce or even remove facial expression wrinkles and the hyaluronic acid will fill up permanent wrinkles.

In practice, the practitioner will inform you about the existing methods, indications and contra indications during the first appointment. If necessary, a tolerance test will be carried out. Such treatments do not require any specific preparation except for the upper lip. In that case, in general, a local anesthesia is necessary.

These treatments are not covered by the French health care system: costs will be communicated during the appointment. The first treatment will be performed after the legal ‘reflexion period of time’.