Pigmentary lesions and tattoos

The ND yag Q Switched Laser

This laser treats tattoos and pigmented marks. It selects melanosomes and melanin at 532 nm wavelength, as well as tattoos’ indian ink at 1064 nm. It fragments the targeted pigment by mecano-acoustic and thermal means.

The machine

  • ND yag Q Switched Laser by Medlite
  • Ytrium garnet
  • Aluminium
  • ND YAG Q switched
  • Brief oscillations: 5-10 μ sec high power: 1 giga watt
  • Doubled in frequency: 532 and 1064 nm
  • KTP crystal


  • Amateurs’ tattoos
  • Indian ink tattoos
  • Cosmetic tattoos under certain conditions
  • Ritual tattoos
  • Pigmented marks except moles and naevus


  • Naevo cellular Naevus
  • melasma / chloasma
  • Malignant tumors
  • Professional tattoos with acrylic colours as well as certain cosmetic tattoos with iron pigments

Side effects

  • skin hypo- pigmentation
  • skin hyper-pigmentation
  • residual scars
  • Ineffective tattoo removal

Pigmented marks and lentigos

A single session is usually required for the treatment of lesions. The treatment is painless and extremely quick. It leaves an area which whitens immediately and sometimes becomes 'purpuric' during a few hours, turning then into a scab which diseappears within 7 days.


Many sessions (at 2 month intervals) are usually required for the complete disappearance of the tattoo without scarring. This is the aim of the operation.

The treatment first leaves a bleeding rosacea, then scabs disappear within 15 days.

The treatment is not very painful and EMLA cream can be used for a contact anesthesia.



Cosmetic indications on brown marks are interesting but it is necessary to respect the indications for tattoos. The Laser ND yag Q switch is an irreplaceable tool, which avoids the classic burn scars.