Varicosa treated with laser

Leg Varicosa Laser Treatment

Varicosa are superficial veinous bloodvessels expansions located within the skin (diametre of approximately 0,1 mm to 3mm). Varicosa generally stand for veinous oedema and show the beginning of veinous disease. Varicosa may emerge along with varicose vein and oedema more or less significant.

The angeologist is the specialized doctor for artery, veins and lymphatics who will decide whether your varicosa represent a laser treatment indication, after a thorough clinical check up and an echo doppler examination.

Usually, the laser treatment will be performed after having treated the biggest varicosa, either by surgical treatment or by sclerotherapy (injection of a sclerosing product which removes varicosa). Laser treatment is indeed complementary to other medical or surgical veinous treatments and adresses essentially those varicosa that are too thin to be cannulated with a needle.

In brief

Varicosa represents the first sign of chronical veinous insufficiency and therefore requires to be taken care of by a specialist.

Technique and laser sessions

The session lasts about 15 minutes. Most of the times, there is no need for anesthesia.

Eye protection is necessary for the patient as well as the doctor during the whole varicosa treatment due to light intensity.

Usually, several sessions are necessary (between 2 and 5) with a 15 days up to 2 month period between each other.

The patient may go back to his/her professional activity on the day of the treatment. Sun exposure should be avoided for 4 weeks after treatment.

Safety rules to comply with before each session

  • The patient should not to be tanned
  • The patient should not use fake tan
  • The patient should not take sun oenobiol or betacarotena
  • The patient should avoid sun exposure 15 days before the session
  • The patient should inform the practitioner if she is pregnant
  • The patient should informe the practitioner if he/she takes medication


A painful sensation may be felt. It is similar to a sting, a burn or a snapping elastic.

Immediate effects

Small reddish area, sometimes even inflammation with small expansion for 15 minutes to 48 hours.

After the session

The application of a mosturizing cream will be prescribed for a week. Sun block is necessary after the treatment.

Risks and complications

Complications such as burns or infections are extremely rare. Hyperpigmentation – skin darker than usual – or hypopigmentation – skin whiter than usual - may occur.


In general, the improvement is significant.

Unfortunately, the doctor cannot always grant you such a result since there exist rebellious cases.

We inform therefore the patient that it is impossible to grant priorily to the treatment the complete and definitive destruction of varicosa. The vessels’ diffusion and depth must be taken into account.

The result may be incomplete even after several sessions despite full dedication to obtain the best results.


More information

The ND YAG laser is a laser made of a cristal, the YAG (Ytrium Aluminium Garnet).

The laser emits a 1064 nm wavelength. Several lasers of this type do exist with various power and impact length. Some of them are coupled with a CDC cooling device and others include a multipulse mode.

This laser is particularly indicated for legs varicosa treatment.